Have you ever felt the need to recover files which you had deleted long time ago from your android device. You must be wondering about the possibility. It is possible to recover the deleted files, provided you haven’t saved too many new files. If, you aren’t very sure, you can still check out the chances of recovery. And for this, you need an Android file recovery tool. This tool is built to carry out quick and accurate recovery of data. Most importantly, it enables you preview the chances of recovery for free.

Some of the causes for file deletion:

  • Ending up accidentally formatting the SD card of your android phone without taking a back up will results in data loss.
  • Files get deleted from android due to human errors such as accidentally Okaying a delete command.
  • When the OS gets corrupted the files stored in it might get deleted.
  • As android plays host to all third party applications, files may sometimes get deleted due to faulty or spurious applications.

These are some of the possibilities which lead to data loss from a android gadget. However, in all these cases, Android file recovery software can help you recover deleted files.

Key Features of Android Undelete tool:

  • It is a flawless and effective undelete file software.
  • The preview feature provided in this tool helps users to view the content of your undeleted file prior to restoration.
  • Deleted file recovery tool has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Capable of retrieving all type of files namely music, video, audio, apk files and more.
  • This tool scans both the internal and external memory of your android phone to extract your deleted files.
  • It has an ability to recover files from SD cards that fail to mount.
  • This application has a unique feature called “Save Recovery Session” which helps to avoid rescan in case of future use.

Besides android, there are tools that help undelete files from mac and windows operating system.

Steps to undelete your files from Android:

Step 1: Download the software from the site and install on your system. Launch the software and select "Recover Deleted Files" option on the first screen.

Android File Recovery - Select Recover Deleted Files

Figure A: Select Recover Deleted Files

Step 2: Connect the android phone to your PC. The software detects the phone and scans it and provides you with a list of recovered files which is undeleted after scan.

Figure B: Recovered Files

Step 3: "Preview" the undeleted files and store it in secure location.

Figure C: Preview Results

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